Hello World

rock n rollaHello World.

That didn’t take long did it?

OK peeps, this is Den H’s temporary and scuzzy home. As an out of work media person this is the best I can afford (cough) but don’t feel sorry for me. As I said on ZDnet, the decision to move on was entirely my own and was not the tragic outcome of a disagreement with anyone on that team.

Tip: If you fancy a crack at the ZDN circus, then Larry Dignan is the best big media editor you’ll ever work alongside. Top guy, great ‘quick hit’ fella who always has your back if you’re on firm ground. Screw up and that’s a different story. I’ve seen both sides.

Anyhoo – what am I going to do next?

I’ve had an itch I want to scratch for some considerable time. It’s about finding the point where the CIO meets LOB in a world where power is shifting and where technology is enabling exciting new things. Nebulous? Maybe but I think I have ways to cross that chasm that don’t depend on the usual diet of fashionista fluff.  #evilplans as I call it are in formation not information.

I hope that those who have enjoyed my past work will enjoy what’s coming next. Please don’t ask questions or try wheedle it out of me. You will be told to ‘go away and fornicate’ as Blackadder might say. But…you might see clues from what you find here in the short term.

Start your engines and get ready to rock ‘n’ rolla. Me? I’m going for a beer or three followed by a very long sleep.

8 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Plugged into the feed reader … and I don’t even have to log in to comment! 🙂

    Still with you Dennis, after how long? Keep up the snark; at the least it’s amusing, and spot on often enough.

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