12 things to know about #evilplans

ssshJust checking in and noticed that I’ve not posted a thing here for 10 days. Has it been that long? Wow.

Anyhoo – the ‘real’ #evilplans have been consuming 90 percent of my time and so it has been really difficult to get content out other than a clutch of videos I shot recently. Add in the fact I’ve bounced back and forth between countries in Europe and you can see how cranking out content might be a tad challenging.

To make matters worse, I am now on the first leg of a monster piece of travel that will see me in multiple locations in the US, Australia and South East Asia between now and the end of the month.

The hope is I have shoehorned enough time into the schedule to publish stories here but right now I can’t guarantee that will be the case or that it will be a regular diet. In the meantime, please bear with me. There’s a shedload of things going on in the background that I think will surprise a few people, flummox others, delight a good few and irritate the heck out of those that won’t understand what’s going on. All of that is OK.

Rather than keep teasing though I’ll give a few hints.

  1. It ain’t just me. There’s a ‘gang of five’ (noooo…not the C5 of a past era)
  2. The team has a combined ‘age’ of 125 in terms of experience.
  3. Some of us write or have written code.
  4. We are so not corporate types. Each of us has a wee rebellious streak.
  5. We each have a distinctive ‘style’ that should make reading our ‘stuff’ interesting at the very least.
  6. We are building a wholly new media model which has not been done before but which is so obvious when you think about it that some folk will say ‘ah-ha.’ Experience tells me those obvious things are often the best things.
  7. The model can be replicated but not easily given the way media operates. We’re finding out just how hard it is but it’s fun along the way.
  8. Here’s one thing for those of you who hate advertising – we won’t have any. Period.
  9. Here’s another. It will be content driven. Nothing else.
  10. We’re chewing off some big hairy problems but if our model works then everyone wins.
  11. We have a declared launch date of 1st May. I really hope it doesn’t slip. If it does then all are encouraged to beat me up for failing.
  12. I wanted to call the new thing #evilplans for real. Wiser heads explained that it might attract the wrong kind of attention. Oh well, can’t win ’em all. So what’s it called. That’s for later but think two things: digital and economy. Go figure from there.

More later…

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