The Russian EuroCloud

What’s the state of the cloud market in Russia? On a fleeting visit to San Francisco, EuroCloud VP and cloud blogger Phil Wainewright caught up with Max Chebotarev, chair of the Russian cloud interest group RCCPA, which will shortly become EuroCloud Russia.

There’s a lot of interest in cloud in Russia but a lot of it is still private cloud, Max explained. It turns out that credit card or Paypal payment is not a good way to get Russian businesses signed up for services such as or Microsoft Office 365. Corporate payment cards are not often seen in Russia and it’s a big problem for Russian companies to transfer funds across borders to make payments in Ireland or Luxembourg. If these providers were to team up with Russian payment processors, Max believes they’d make a lot more progress.

Max also talked about the upcoming EuroCloud Russia Congress, which takes place on April 24th at the Digital October venue in Moscow. Formerly known as CloudConf, this is Russia’s biggest cloud computing event.

Show notes

0:43 All about EuroCloud Russia Congress on April 24th
1:25 State of the cloud market in Russia
1:48 Advice for global players coming to Russia
2:28 Why international payment issues are holding back SaaS
3:18 Local partners are needed to explain concepts like CRM
4:08 There’s distrust of cloud but hosted email is now gaining ground
4:48 Some companies count on the cloud to hide data from the authorities

Glossary: CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States, the former countries of the Soviet Union.

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